Ecological professional series
Cosmetic laboratory Ava

These are the first and the only Polish ecological cosmetics with the ECOCERT certificate.
Innovation of this certified ecological series preparation lies in its usage of all raw materials, and natural origin extracts grown in the monitored organic cultivations.

Eco-friendly cosmetics were invented with the idea of natural stimulation of protecting and revitalizing processes that occur in the skin.

In AVA treatments there are units used for mechanical exfoliations (microdermabrasia, cavitation), for inserting preparations – needle-free mezotherapy or ultrasounds.

For customers who, for different reasons, (e.g. after the chemotherapy, with implants) cannot use ultrasounds, or mezotherapy we have a package of treatments prepared especially for them – Package SOS.
Recommended treatments:1. Protecting- revitalizing treatment
Biological Regeneration of the Skin – for every type of skin
Effects after the treatment:
biological regeneration of the skin, optimal moistening, proper greasing, improvement skin flexibility, smooth wrinkles.

Possibility to buy cosmetics from ecological series Ava. With Salon’s use recommendations.

Cost of the treatment – 140 – 180 zl

2. Treatment with phytohormones – Stop the Time
– for mature skins, over 35 year of age, solaria using, drained, after laser treatments.

Amongst exceptionally substances active cosmetics from these series contain: phytohormones, sea DNA, vitamins C and E, Vitamin A (retinol), oil of the Incas’ rice, Eyeliss complex, extract from eyebright herb.
Effects after the treatment: restoration of collagen, skin smooth, moistening, lifting, regeneration, toning up.

Possibility to buy cosmetics from Stop the Time series. With Salon’s use recommendations.

Cost of the treatment – 160 – 200 zł

3. Look younger treatment for the oily and mixed type skin

The treatment is recommended for problematic skins, with large pores, blackheads, excess sebum, and visible age marks.

Effects after the treatment:

skin pollutants cleaned off, limited skin’s process of becoming oily and creating blackheads, balanced colors, smooth wrinkles

Possibility to buy cosmetics for home care. With Salon’s use recommendations.

Cost of the treatment – 130 – 160 zł

4. Cleaning treatment PURE SKIN for oily skin, mixed type of skin, acne with the tendency for scars.

Body cosmetic
Mineral Mask – anti-cellulite and detoxification with sea mud treatment

Body treatment that remarkably cleanses of toxins, mineralizes, acts anti-cellulite way. Turkish bath, or the electric blanket additionally whets the effects of the treatment. Recommended series from 1 to 2 times during a week.

The treatment includes:
sea exfoliation, ampoule with caffeine, alga mask, Turkish bath or the electric blanket, massage based on anti-cellulite cream.

Price for one-off treatment – 230 zł
Package of 6 treatments -1260 zł
Package of 10 treatments -2000 zł