I can offer e.g. every method separately (one day of an individual course lasts six hours) theory + practice on an artificial head
Microring Hair Extension 300 PLN
Easy Hair 400 PLN
keratin – three different methods, using a pistol, hot-pot, hair extension machine) – 500zl
Sandwich method – 500 PLN
Ultrasonic method – 700 PLN

Every of the mentioned methods includes:

  • Preparation of your workplace
  • Description of hair types (natural and synthetic)
  • Presenting head sections
  • Methods of hair extension and thickening (whole head, only the back, fringe)
  • Hair removal
  • How to replace the hair after a few months
  • Course materials (method description – step by step)

Every method (Microring Hair Extension, Easy Hair, keratin, Sandwich method,
Ultrasonic method )
5 methods (with three different keratin methods)
The cost of the course 2500zl with free course materials; the course e.g. 3-5 days (individual) theory + practice on an artificial head. Special offer! – only 2000zl till the end of the month.
Every trainee can acquire a starter set in a special price depending on the method – 200-1000zl