Kurs fryzjersko-stylistyczny
The aim of the course

Preparing trainees in as short period of time as possible for the work as a hairdresser or hair stylist.

The course is perfect for you if…
  • you feel that hairstyling is your dream career and you no longer want to waste time
  • you want to master basic hair styling techniques, so you’ll be able to start work in a hairdresser’s salon
  • you want to have a try in a real hairdresser’s salon and find out that a hair stylist work is your dream career path
  • these are your first steps as a hairdresser
List of benefits

You’ll receive a qualification certificate

You’ll improve your skills


The INTENSIVE course is aimed at creative people, who are open to new challenges and want to master hair styling art in a very short time. The classes are carried out intensively with major emphasis on practical skills. Thus, they’ll prepare every trainee for the work as a hairdresser or hair stylist as fast as possible.

The cost of training is 1800 PLN