For everyone who wants to take care of their health and beauty our Salon has prepared the following treatments:

Therapeutic and relaxing massages

Candle massage

Relaxing massage is made by means of the special candle, which wax changes into warm and sensual oil for the massage. It is thanks to the beeswax, shea butter and clean concentrated oils. This oil also has excellent cosmetic features which makes the skin moisturized, silk smooth, and so soft in touch.

Massage with usage a burning, aromatic candle gives relief to the body and relaxation. It gives the energy and makes us feel better.

What are the benefits of candle massage?

The aroma and the warmth of the candle will influence on our senses, the skin will become smooth as silk, and soft in touch. It will help us to fight against the cellulite and stretch marks and will eliminate tensions in the body providing deep relaxation and calming.

The cost of candle massage – 150zł

Body shaping
Chocolate relaxation – about 55 min – 100zł
It soothes and calms the mind. It burns fat tissue.

Relaxation massage (along with the aromatherapy):
Relaxation full 60 faces – 100zł
Relaxation full 80 faces – 140zł
Relaxation with head massage – 110zł

Therapeutic massage:
Healing of back – 30 min – 80zł

Lymphatic drainage
Lymphatic of face – 20 min – 20zł
Lymphatic of chest – 30 min – 50zł
Lymphatic of back – 30 min – 50zł
Lymphatic lower limbs, upper limbs of 30 min – 50zł

Classic massage:
Classic (back + spine+neck) 60 min – 90zł

Classic legs 30 min 80zł
Classic hands 30 min 50zł
Segmentary massage:
Segmentary body massage – 60 min 140zł

Polynesian MA-URI massage

MA-URI is a Polynesian art of healing through massage.
This is a comprehensive therapy of the whole body working on physical and mental wellbeing.
The rhythmical and delicate touch of music releases blockades and tensions.
Head, face, torso, legs and feet are massaged during this massage.
Ma-Uri releases in a person a sense of security and a return to the natural state of harmony.
Massage effects:
It eliminates tension in muscles that is caused by stress,
It restores both efficiency and vitality,
It stimulates the cardiovascular system,
It stimulates the flow of lymph in tissues,
It cleanses the organism from toxins,
It helps to get rid of the problems with, locomotors’ system by making joints more flexible,
It strengthens paravertebral muscles,
It balances the right and the left hemisphere,
It removes emotional and mental blockades,
It introduces the harmony and peace into our life,

Cost of the massage – 1 h – 140zł
Polynesian massage for pregnant women

Women, who are expect a baby can try the special technique of MA-URI massage for pregnant women. Massage concentrates on strained spine and legs during the pregnancy period. Additionally, women can use treatments preventing stretch marks and cellulite.
Cost of massage – 1 h – 130zł

Massage of head, face, neck and the neckline (draining – energizing)
An authorial massage that stimulates face muscles, and corrects the springiness of muscles and skin. It easies the flow of lymph. Massage of the head is frees the tension. It is very helpful with giddiness and migraine. It balances the right and the left hemisphere.
Made from special preparations with add of some coctails, it gives wonderful cosmetic effects.
Cost of massage – 30 min – 70zł
Massage with Chinese Can
Cost of 1 treatment – 75zł, a pass of 5 treatments – 350zł

Treatment effects:
reduction of fat tissue,
reduction of cellulite,
improvement of skin firmness,
skin becomes more smoothed,
precipitated metabolism,
reducing swellings
It removes TOXINS from the body