Aesthetic Medicine

Consultation qualifying for the treatment – PLN 100.00

TREATMENTS Correction of worry lines (Botox)
– forehead – 600zł
– wrinkle between eyebrows – 600zł
– wrinkles around eyes – 600zł
Two surroundings – 1100zł
Three surroundings – 1500zł
Fillers one ampoule – 1200zł


Face – 400zł
Package of 4 treatments – 1400zł
Face, neck – 600zł
Package of 4 treatments – 2200zł
Neckline – 400zł
Package of 4 treatments – 1400zł
Hair – 400zł
Package of 4 treatments 140zł
Cellulite 800zł
Package of 4 treatments 3000zł
Gaps – 600zł
Package of 4 treatments – 2200zł

Needle mesotherapy

– it is a treatment based on injecting small doses of healing substance directly into the skin. Mesotherapy solutions contains usually a blend of revitalizing substances (rejuvenating), and regenerating, so called –cocktails.
Preparations applied into the skin are blends of the medicines prepared for the specific clinical problem.
The most often used mixture contains; vitamins, amino acids, organic silica, microelements, hyaluronic acid, plant extracts. Treatments are made only by doctors in form of direct injections into the skin. Aside from the effect of preparations, the injection into the skin is also essential (there are dozens, up to a few hundred carried out daily) due to the collagen stimulation, the improvement skin’s bloody supply. This makes the needle mesotherapy superior to the so-called needle-free mesotherapy.

Thanks to the mesotherapy it comes to cells metabolism improvement, fibroblasts stimulation in order to produce collagen andelastin, new blood vessels creating, microcirculation improvement, proper skin feeding, skin regeneration stimulating – the exchange for new cells, harmful free radicals and increasing the metabolism of fat cells impediment.
The hyaluronic acid fills the space between collagen fibres and drains up existing water.

Owing to the increased vascularity skin becomes more oxygenated, brighter, healthier.

Thanks to mesotherapy we can smooth worry lines, improve face oval and epidermis moisturizing level, as well as, we can smooth the cellulite fast and lastingly, and also reduce the girth of the body parts subjected to therapy.
For treatments we use the best preparations on the market, such as:
Dermaheal anti-aging
• Dermaheal HSR (revitalization)
• Dermaheal LL (lipolysis)
• Dermaheal (against discolorations)
• Dermaheal HL (hair regeneration)

Indications for mesotherapy:
the ageing of the skin- improves its firmness, flexibility and moisture of the skin. It shallows the small wrinkles. It corrects; the face oval, cellulite and stretch marks – very good effects in therapy combined with massage or endermology.
It s recommended 6 to 12 treatments in the period of 2 months; hair loss – there are preparations improving the microcirculation of the skin head, stimulating the growth of hair, acne scars, mixed up in healing cocktails.
Allergy, ingredients preparation sensivity;
pregnancy, period of the breast-feeding;
uncompensated diabetes;
inflammatory conditions on the skin, herpes;
untolerance of the treatment (capillaries skin, risk fibroses creation);
cancers; use of medicines anticoagulant (aspirin).

Side effects:
Very rare allergic states shown with erythema, receding after a few minutes or
hours; body turning blue, haemata – the risk of changes growing in case of taking anticoagulant medicines directly before the treatment (e.g. aspirin pills);
allergic reaction to preparation composition- most often this regards procaine applied as the addition to locally anaesthetizing, e.g. in curing the cellulite (it is worth to remember and inform the doctor of all allergies before the treatment starts).

Filling up wrinkles with hyaluronic acid

The hyaluronic acid is present in the skin. It is the essential element of the it, responsible for keeping a proper level of skin’s moisture and firmnesses.

There is plenty hyaluronic acid in young skin, which guarantees its flexibility and lack of wrinkles.

The hyaluronic acid starts gradually disappearing after 20th year of age. Later in time the human skin starts getting older. It loses the capability to combine water and that results in wrinkles appearing.

Preparations containing the hyaluronic acid injected to the corium effectively supplement its deficiency. They moisturize the skin, fill up the wrinkles, provide the volume, shape the mouth, correct face, stimulate the natural skin regenerating processes, thanks to which even after absorbing the preparation the skin looks better than before the treatment.

Hyaluronic acid is used for smoothing wrinkles is the synthetic preparation, what considerably lowers the risk of the possible allergy symptoms.

It is of great convenienceas it does not require allergy tests before use.

Gels on the basis of hyaluronic acid are used for:
wrinkles filling (nasally – labial furrows, wrinkles above the upper lip) lips enlargement

Types of hyaluronic acids applied in our Salon are: Restylane, Regenyal, Juvederm

Contraindications and side effects :
pregnancy, breast-feeding,
autoimmune related disease ,
tendency to hypertrophic scars,

inflammations of the skin (herpes, acne),
oversensitivity to the hyaluronic acid;

Undesirable symptoms
reddening, swelling,
pain in the place of injecting – these symptoms disappear within 72 hours,
pruritus (in case of the sensitive skin),
oversensitivity in the place of the correction,
occasionally swelling in form of ongoing thickening for a few weeks.

Botulin toxin (Botox, Azzalure)
Botulin toxin – it is a very heavily active natural toxin causing the inhibition in acetylcholine realeasing- neurotransmitter impulses between nerves and muscles.


Botulin toxin acts through blocking the connections between ends of the nerves, and active muscles, that is, it blocks the so-called synapses nervous – muscular. There are contractions of the paralyzed muscle. Botulin is equally effective at men, as well as, at women.

Botulin toxin applies in medicine in curing different diseases such as: squint, neurological diseases accompanied by both excessive muscle tension, and exaggerate sweating.

In order to eliminate worry lines low toxin concentrations are applied, which do not affect the other parts of central nervous system, besides the place of injection.

A 10 – minute procedure comprising of a few small preparation injections, results in loosening the muscles responsible for causing wrinkles. Results are spectacular and visible within a few days of the treatment.


Neuro-muscular disorders (myasthenia grave, team of Eatona Lambert);
oversensitivity to preparation composition (human albumins);
taking medicines or the period of one week from discontinue:
aminoglycosides (streptomycin, gentamycyn, amikacyn, canamy-cyn and etc.)
aminochinolony (Chloroquine, hydroksychlorochina)
D-penicylamina (Cuprenil)
tubokuraryn, pankuronium, galamin, sukcynylocholina
linkomycyna, tetracycline, polimyksyn
local skin infections,
pregnancy, lactation

Side effects:
pain in the moment of the injection;
small hematomas in the place of injection, if the needle encounters a small vain
excessive eyebrow lowering, or too great raise in case of curing forehead wrinkles;

small swelling along with tingling in the place of injection
excessive muscles slackening (tormenting the eyelid, tormenting the corner of the mouth);
headache, releasing after painkilling preparation.
These reactions are of temporary character , generally majority of them give away after several days. Effect of too flabby muscles can last 2 to 6 weeks.

worry lines mainly in the top of the face,
around eyes (“crow’s feet”),
transversal on the head,
between eyebrows (“lion’s wrinkle”),
wrinkles of the lower part of the face – “furrows of the puppets”, on the neck and chin,
hands and feet over-sweating

from 500zł (chin) to 1500 (large surfaces – belly)
Curing discolorations
Cosmelan – the most effective medical treatment in removing discolorations.

The treatment is conducted under the supervision of the specialist.

The effect is fully visible already after 1 month!
New Dermocosmetic Treatment

Anti-acne treatments
medical microdermabrasia
new technology chemical exfoliations
needle-less mesotherapy
micro-needle mesotherapy (dermarollers)
curing discolorations – (Cosmelan, Nomelan, Ferulac)

moistening treatments – hyaluronic acid

anti-wrinkle and facelift treatments

regeneration before and after the cosmetic surgery invasive treatments
assisting treatments after the plastic surgery

After consultation treatments are selected individually. Prices range from 200 to 300 zł (face)

Face, neck, neckline – from 350 to 550 zł

Customers are given after-the-treatment recommendations, and a possibility to purchase the product.


The newness on the global dermocosmetic market.

Ferulac peel Clasic and Ferulac peel Plus it is a new generation rejuvenating scrub.
In the scrub there were used the newest Lipoceutical nanotechnology and the technology of liposomes. Applying these two advanced technologies allows to achieve the best results
– the skin looks visibly younger.

The ferulic acid has strong antioxidant ingredients, it eliminates free radicals, smoothes the face lines, lightens discolorations, moistens, and tones the skin.

It also acts anti-inflammatory. New surveys show that it prevents skin cancer.

Indications for the exfoliation:
– skin photoaging
– discolorations, caused by the sun, pigment stains
– wrinkles, loss of firmness
– curing acne
– xerosis cutis, lack of brilliance

Appropriate additives are applied in the exfoliation in the form of mists and gels.
Supplements are being selected one by one depending on the problem of the skin.

These are vitamins, oxygenating, retinols, anti-inflammatory in the fight against acne.

The treatment is usually ended with retinol preparation. The customer is to wash off the mask at home after 5-8 hours since applied.

He/She is given treatment recommendations. The treatment is performed in series, or on a one-off basis, depending on needs of the skin. Ferulak peel is an all-year-round treatment!
Cost of the treatment – from 200 zl to 300 zł depending on additions – of face
Face, neck, neckline – to 550 zł


Sesderma – an intensively moistening- lifting treatment based on lactic acid.

Lactipeel and lifting serum – Daeses

Indications for the treatment:
Drained skin, melasma, indications of drained skin, melasma, the marks of skin aging (wrinkles, loss of the firmness and shine)
Cost of the treatment – 250 – 300zł
Cost of the treatment with the micro-needle mesotherapy – 350 zł

Sesderma – an intensive treatment regenerating-lifting with Nano meso solution Daeses in combination with Nano roller, or with ultrasound. It gives the effect of the immediate lifting.

Indications for the treatment:
Curing the flabby or aged skin.
Cost of the treatment with roller – 300zł
Costs of the treatment with roller and with ultrasound – 350zł

Sesderma – a treatment using Nano preparation mess solution Silorgses. It intensively strengthens collagen fibres, improves the regeneration process, and normalizes cells’ metabolism in aged tissues. It keeps the right water level moisturizing the tissues. It has anti-inflammatory features.


Indications for the treatment:
The prevention and treatment of skin aging process, cellulite, stretch marks, flabby and skin draining.
Cost of the treatment with roller – 300 zł
Cost of the treatment with roller and with ultrasound – 350 zł

Liquidation of acne scars – dermaroller + medical Sesderma preparation.

In the treatment: mechanical exfoliation (microdermabrasia) + chemical exfoliation, selected accordingly to the problem with the skin.

Required series 6 to 10 treatments, every two weeks.

Cost of the treatment – the first treatment 400 zł with the purchase of roller
Course of 6 treatments – 1800zł
Course of 10 treatments – 2800 zł

Treatment aids curing baldness and hair loss – dermaroller + medical Sesderma preparation.
Required series 5 to 7 treatments, every two weeks.
Course of 5 treatments – the first treatment 350 zł with the purchase of roller, 4 next treatments – 800 zł

Liquidation of stretch marks- dermaroller + medical Sesderma preparation.
In the treatment: mechanical exfoliation (microdermabrasia) + chemical exfoliation.
Required series of 5 to 8 treatments.
Cost of the treatment – the first treatment from 400 to 500 zl depending on the area.
Series of 5 treatments – from 300 to 400 zl
Series of 8 treatments – from 250 to 350 zl


Image Skincare – Vital C – 30% treatment with vitamin C and stem cells of the apple tree.

The treatment for sensitive, drained skins, with small capillaries, and with the acne rosacea. It guarantees intense regeneration, lightening up, oxygenating, strengthening blood vessels, effective antioxidant protection.


Two-tier treatment with vitamin C- 30%, and the mask with stem cells of the apple tree.

Cost of the treatment – 200 – 300zł

20% Salicylic Resurfacing Solution
Indications for the treatment:

Oily, seborrhoeic skin.

Numerous inflammatory phases with suppuration.
Acne, treatment for people above the age of 30, with the recurrence of acne, follicular acne, postimflammatory changes (including discolorations).

The optimum series of 3 to 6 treatments, every 14 days in addition with mechanical exfoliation.
Kojic acid (50%) with active lightening serum. In the treatment: mechanical exfoliation with mask applied at the end of it. The treatment is balances skin color – series from 5 to 6 treatments is recommended.

Cost of the treatment – from 200 to 300 zł
Ekologiczna kosmetyka twarzy
Ecological professional series
Cosmetic laboratory Ava

These are the first and the only Polish ecological cosmetics with the ECOCERT certificate.
Innovation of this certified ecological series preparation lies in its usage of all raw materials, and natural origin extracts grown in the monitored organic cultivations.

Eco-friendly cosmetics were invented with the idea of natural stimulation of protecting and revitalizing processes that occur in the skin.

In AVA treatments there are units used for mechanical exfoliations (microdermabrasia, cavitation), for inserting preparations – needle-free mezotherapy or ultrasounds.

For customers who, for different reasons, (e.g. after the chemotherapy, with implants) cannot use ultrasounds, or mezotherapy we have a package of treatments prepared especially for them – Package SOS.
Recommended treatments:1. Protecting- revitalizing treatment
Biological Regeneration of the Skin – for every type of skin
Effects after the treatment:
biological regeneration of the skin, optimal moistening, proper greasing, improvement skin flexibility, smooth wrinkles.

Possibility to buy cosmetics from ecological series Ava. With Salon’s use recommendations.

Cost of the treatment – 140 – 180 zl

2. Treatment with phytohormones – Stop the Time
– for mature skins, over 35 year of age, solaria using, drained, after laser treatments.

Amongst exceptionally substances active cosmetics from these series contain: phytohormones, sea DNA, vitamins C and E, Vitamin A (retinol), oil of the Incas’ rice, Eyeliss complex, extract from eyebright herb.
Effects after the treatment: restoration of collagen, skin smooth, moistening, lifting, regeneration, toning up.


Possibility to buy cosmetics from Stop the Time series. With Salon’s use recommendations.

Cost of the treatment – 160 – 200 zł

3. Look younger treatment for the oily and mixed type skin

The treatment is recommended for problematic skins, with large pores, blackheads, excess sebum, and visible age marks.

Effects after the treatment:

skin pollutants cleaned off, limited skin’s process of becoming oily and creating blackheads, balanced colors, smooth wrinkles

Possibility to buy cosmetics for home care. With Salon’s use recommendations.

Cost of the treatment – 130 – 160 zł

4. Cleaning treatment PURE SKIN for oily skin, mixed type of skin, acne with the tendency for scars.

Body cosmetic
Mineral Mask – anti-cellulite and detoxification with sea mud treatment

Body treatment that remarkably cleanses of toxins, mineralizes, acts anti-cellulite way. Turkish bath, or the electric blanket additionally whets the effects of the treatment. Recommended series from 1 to 2 times during a week.

The treatment includes:
sea exfoliation, ampoule with caffeine, alga mask, Turkish bath or the electric blanket, massage based on anti-cellulite cream.

Price for one-off treatment – 230 zł
Package of 6 treatments -1260 zł
Package of 10 treatments -2000 zł
Kosmetyka Ciała
1. Fruit Paradise – firming – moistening, and oxygenating treatment with vitamin C

Treatment excessively moistening – firming with melon and lemon extracts, for dry skins, with cracked capillaries.
It is recommended from 6 to 10 series, 1 to 2 times during a week.

The treatment includes:
lemon exfoliation
ampoule with the routine and horse chestnut tree extract
melon mask
lemon massage

Price for one-off treatment – 230zł
Package of 6 treatments – 1260 zł
Package of 10 treatments – 2000 zł

2. Chocolate Paradise – relaxing, anti-cellulite treatment.

An outstandingly relaxing and sensual treatment. Recommended especially in autumn and in winter for people with lowered psychological immunity, and those stressed out. The treatment also reduces fat tissue.

Recommended in two versions: the warmth one with sauna or electric blanket, or as the relaxing cold treatment.

The treatment includes:

Body exfoliation
Ampoule with caffeine
Chocolate mask
Chocolate massage

Price for one-off treatment – 230zł
Package of 6 treatments – 1260 zł
Package of 10 treatments – 2000 zł
Additional treatments

Exfoliation of the whole body – 100zł
Henna on the eyebrow 10zł
Henna to eyelashes 15zł
Eyebrows regulation 10zł.

Wax Depilation


Entire legs – 100zzł
Thighs – 60zł
Calves – 60zł
Bikini – 50zł
Brazilian – 80zł
Hands – 60zł
Armpits – 30zł
Forearms – from 40zł/each
Chest + the belly/entire back – from 30 to 50 zł
Buttocks – from 65 to 80 zł
Shoulders – 35zł /each
Thin moustache – 25 zł
By the end of the month one-off body treatments – 200 zł