Permanent eyelashes extending and thickening.

Created for women with high expectations.

Constant lack of time, job types, lifestyle – all these things force us to always look neat and fresh.
Ordinary clumps have already stooped satisfying demanding customers. They have started looking for something new, discrete, and natural, at the same time.

This is the system of a professional, precise eyelashes application with the natural look. Even though eyelashes are synthetic they indistinguishably resemble natural ones.

The effect is immediate and spectacular.
Permanent extension of eyelashes done our method is highly recommended particularly to those ladies who wish to have a beautiful eyes’ setting or emphasize their uncommon looks.

This innovative method is based on sticking synthetic eyelashes, “hair by hair” to natural eyelashes, in order to get the completely natural effect. The final effect consists of many factors as it makes the eye “to open” and gives it new, special expressiveness.

Eyelashes glued together with method “one to one” look and behave in the same way as natural ones.
Eyelashes have their individual lifecycle. They grow, fall out, and eventually new ones replace them.
The lifecycle of an eyelash equals from 60 up to 90 days. When natural eyelashes will finish their lifecycle, they will fall out along with synthetic ones.
After 2 to 4 weeks, about 1/3 of natural eyelashes falls out naturally.
Such behavior of eyelashes is completely normal, and whether we do or do not have extra eyelashes attached, this process remains unchanged. Therefore, after some time, they should be supplemented.

Extending and thickening eyelashes 200zł
Supplementing after 2 weeks – 130-150 zł, the discount of 110/120zl
After 3 weeks, approx. 180 zl, discount 140zl