Nail Styling

Before the treatment all cosmetic tools are sterilized

For all those who care about the beautiful  nails’ look we offer manicure and pedicure.

The artistic ornament and the latest trends in the adornment, ombre, set ornaments, convex flowers, Swarovski zircons, sequins, hologram in colorful threads, laces, nets, color pens, crushed shells, small chains, jewellery for nails.

We base on professional products of renowned companies, such as: EzFlow, Nsi, ESN, IBD, DEPILEVE, INGLOT.Sally Hansen, O.P.I. C.N.D.


Price list

NAILS  – Acrylic and Gel

Tile hardening  – 180zł

Artificial nails natural 1 color 200 zł, 

Artificial French nails  230 zł, + 30 zł 

Camouflage /cover + 20zł

Brocade artificial nails, colorful French, Glass with setting, from 230zł .

Hardening feet nails with acrylic or gel 190zł, French 240zł

Setting in acrylic or gel with holograms or colorful French, brocade from  200zł

Supplement 1 color from 200zł

Supplement French from 230zł

Supplement french + camouflage from 240zł

Supplement artificial nails with the permanent ornament from 250zł

Removing artificial nails 80- 100 zł when applying new  ones approx. 70zł

Removing artificial nails + manicure + painting   150 -180zł

Hands and feet care

Biological manicure (without cuticles removing) – 50 zł

Classic manicure (with cuticles removing)  80-100zł

Manicure   Sally Hansen

– French 110zł

Manicure + with VINYLUX CND enamel painting  100 zł French 110zł

Nails painting from 50zł

French painting from 60zł

SPA manicure (manicure, pelling, massage, paraffin) – 140zł

Pedicure (the milling machine or the grater) – from 100zł 120zł

Pedicure podological (removing calluses and unguis incarnatuses, diabetic foot) – from 150 – 170zł

Delux pedicure (milling machine, massage, paraffin bath) 170zł

Paraffin treatment on hands or feet – 40zł

Nails  decorating – from 30zł

Hybrid manicure – 100 zł French 110zł

Japanese manicure 100zl

Draining hybrid enamel – 30zł (when applying new ones 20zł)

Hybrid pedicure from 150zł French 160zł

Buy a voucher on 4 manicures and you will get the 5th one for free. (discounts cannot be combined)

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